Dry Riverbed Trio

About us

Dry Riverbed Trio from Dordrecht brings a powerful mix of rockabilly, country and blues, which brings you back to the middle of the 20th century. The band keeps amazing their fans with their virtuosity they use to rumble through their shows.

The band members may be young, but they do not lack experience. Frontman Dusty Ciggaar plays with blues legend Ian Siegal on a regular basis and the band recently played the Ramblin’ Roots festival and Moulin Blues. The enthousiasm, the fun and professionality are noticeable throughout every aspect of their music. The trio looks for the boundaries between genres to freshen up their music.

Dry Riverbed Trio consists of bandleader, guitarist and singer Dusty Ciggaar, singer and drummer Darryl Ciggaar and upright bass player Ronald Tilgenkamp.

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